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Denise's WIPs
Album - Owner: DeniseTQL - 14 items
Don't we all have a closet full of WIPs?  Well  maybe not all of but a lot of us.  I have some projects that are fun to pick up every once in a while, but just too daunting to go from start to finish without a lot of breaks.  To keep things fun and not boring I really mix it up.  So he is the confession of a WIP Queen!  All in pictures. 
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butterfly pieced
 Views: 145
Jun 10, 2013
Scrappy Jacob's ladder
decisions decisions
 Views: 316
Feb 11, 2013
5 crazy squares
 Views: 30
Sep 03, 2012
Hexagons in the making
A great project to take along to doctor's offices or anywere.
 Views: 33
Apr 23, 2012
Hexagons in the making
I have enough of these to take a picture, but not nearly enough to make a quilt of any size.  
 Views: 35
Apr 23, 2012
vintage dresden plate
I finished this vintage top, but no longer have the quilting rack and am in a quandry as to how I will ever finish the hand qulting.  This quilt HAS to be hand quilted.  anything else woud not do it justice.  
 Views: 308
Apr 03, 2012
feedsack quilt
 Views: 47
Apr 03, 2012
feedsack quilt
I started this idea for a vintage looking quilt.  Not worked on it in a long time.  
 Views: 55
Apr 03, 2012
crazy squares
 Views: 48
Apr 03, 2012
crazy squares
I made the first of these in 1995  LOL.  I have almost half enough for a quilt.  The embellishing and embroidery is time consuming and fun.  Nice project to take to doctor's offices.  
 Views: 49
Apr 03, 2012
12 months in a year
 Views: 116
Apr 03, 2012
12 months in a year
I am machine appliqueing these little "sunbonnet" style kids.  I designed them myself.  each block will be backed and machine quilted BEFORE they are joined to make the final quilt which will be baby sized.  
 Views: 188
Apr 03, 2012
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